CES is similar to YouTube in that if you stick around long enough and aren't careful, you can end up in the weird part. This year, that weird section includes a Chinese drone company called Ehang that likely agrees with the quote that if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

Ehang at CES unveiled a drone called 184. What makes this drone different from all the others at this year's trade show is the fact that it's meant to transport humans. Scared yet?

Ehang describes 184 as an autonomous aerial vehicle designed as a short- to medium-distance transportation solution. The machine packs what appears to be eight rotors (two in each corner) and generates 142 horsepower which Ehang says provides 23 minutes of flight time at sea level, enough to take a single passenger about 10 miles at an average speed of 62 mph.

As PCWorld points out, the company claims its human drone is operated through a mobile app. If anything happens to the electric motor during flight, there are said to be multiple backups. Furthermore, the copter can reportedly land on its own if need-be.

Because the human drone hasn't been tested by the FAA yet, the company was unable to demo the product at CES.

A bit skeptical? You're not alone as The Verge said a video provided to them never actually showed the drone in flight with a human inside. Its marketing material also raises some eyebrows, such as whether or not a remote pilot could actually take over in the event of an onboard emergency.

Pricing and availability hasn't been revealed although the company told PCWorld it'll likely retail for between $200,000 and $300,000... assuming of course that it somehow gains approval from the FAA.