The latest metrics from App Annie for the entire year of 2015 have revealed that globally, Android users downloaded roughly twice as many apps through the Google Play Store than iOS users downloaded through the Apple App Store.

App Annie's report claimed that downloads from the Google Play Store totalled around 200 million, compared to 100 million downloads from the App Store. The report doesn't take into account downloads from Android's alternate app stores, which would easily send total app downloads for the OS well over 200 million.

The most impressive part of the Play Store's download figures is growth in emerging markets, particularly Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico, which collectively accounted for almost half of the store's growth. Meanwhile, iOS app downloads have stayed relatively stagnant over the past few years.

However, despite more than doubling the App Store's download count, the Play Store's app revenue still sits comfortably behind the App Store. Apple made significant gains in revenue in markets such as China, the United States, and Japan throughout 2015, and although Play Store revenue grew as well, iOS is still the platform that makes the most money for app developers.

App Annie also reports that all five of the most used mobile apps, and eight of the top ten, are owned by either Google or Facebook. Unsurprisingly, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans topped the most played charts, with Clash of Clans also earning the most revenue for a mobile game.