www.hardocp.com have posted an assortment of rumours about the soon-to-be-available-to-our-grubby-little-hands Athlon 64 CPUs.

A collection of what is being said around the silicon campfires this weekend.

1. Athlon64 will launch in two main types of CPU: Clawhammer, with 1MB L2, and Paris, with 256KB L2. Here’s another addition though and a biggie. The Clawhammer model will have two types as well. One model will have single memory channel support, and one with dual memory channel support. The latter to be aimed at gamers and enthusiasts. Workstations will also be a target market. (Not sure if this is true dual channel or simply a bus width doubled.)

2. Athlon64 will launch with a socket compatible to Opteron, in order to take immediate advantage of mainboards already in the marketplace, such as the Asus SK8N, and a few others. HOWEVER, further iterations of the chip will have pin(s) added so you will not be able to use them in Opteron boards.

3. 750,000 Athlon64s banked for the September launch in order to facilitate wide availability on launch date or shortly after.

4. 64-bit Compatible version of Windows Server 2003 at launch with 64-bit WinXP to follow.

I was looking for information on Dual Memory Channel technology and found some bits and pieces. Read here for dual memory channel information, and there's also a good read about it here. If true, this is pretty interesting, and does certainly sound true to form.