Google X (now known simply as "X"), the search giant's moonshot incubator, originally operated in semi-secrecy. While that's still true to some degree today, Google is much more open about the projects it is working on and has even launched a site for the research arm.

The cleverly-titled Solve for X website serves as a landing page for all things X. As of writing, its content includes details about several of its well-known moonshot projects including the self-driving "Google" car, Project Loon and Project Wing as well as more obscure projects.

One example of a lesser-known X project is Makani which utilizes energy kites, a new type of wind turbine that can access stronger and steadier winds at higher altitudes. Google says Makani ultimately generates more energy with fewer materials.

There's also a section for projects that have graduated from X. Here, you'll find information about Google's life sciences division now called Verily under the Alphabet umbrella, the augmented reality project Glass, Gcam which improves mobile photography using techniques from computational photography and Project Tango, just to name a few.

X, which was founded in 2010, is currently overseen by Google co-founder Sergey Brin who serves as its CEO. Day-to-day activities, however, are managed by Astro Teller, nicknamed the Captain of Moonshots. Solve for X features several of Teller's speaking engagement such as this clip from SXSW 2015.