The idea of creating a new game for a console that's well over 30 years old may seem ludicrous to some but electrical engineer Andrew Reitano is proof that it certainly can be done. His game, Super Russian Roulette for the Nintendo Entertainment System, has already blown past its funding goal of $20,000 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Super Russian Roulette is a party game designed to be played with the NES Zapper and a group of friends. It features a loud-mouth cowboy that guides players through the high-risk game of chance. The title is far from the family-friendly themes typically associated with the NES but that's part of the fun.

To really understand what the game is about, I'd suggest watching the Kickstarter promo clip above.

On the subject of its "sensitive" nature, Reitano told Polygon that he never intended to associate the game with the real life horror and desperation of taking one's own life. It's a dark game of chance, he added, but it's never played alone and always played voluntarily. Reitano said he would never want to upset anyone.

Those interested in backing the game will need to pledge at least $55 to guarantee a standard (grey) copy of Super Russian Roulette. For a bit more scratch, you can reserve a limited edition black game cartridge complete with alternate label. These are numbered carts (only 100 are being made) that are forecasted to arrive by December of this year.

Reitano also offers a couple of high-end tiers, one of which allows you to be the cowboy in the game and record your own audio.