Rocket League seemed to appear out of nowhere last year to become one of the best games of 2015. Its mixture of soccer and rocket-powered RC vehicles, combined with the short matches and great physics, gives this pick-up-and-play title a terrifying amount addictiveness.

But now, it looks as if Rocket League's addiction rating is about to hit crack cocaine levels, as developer Psyonix has just teased a new game mode it's working on: basketball.

The company revealed a single image of the mode on Twitter. It appears that it will be called Hoops, judging from the accompanying #RocketLeagueHoops hashtag, and require players to maneuver the ball into an industrial-sized basketball net, rather than an enormous goalmouth.

The image also suggests that some new courts and arenas will make an appearance in the game. There's no indication of when Hoops will arrive, but the tweet does mentions college basketball tournament March Madness, which starts next week, so it could be here pretty soon.

This won't be Rocket League's first move away from soccer-based gameplay. Last year, Psyonix introduced the Snow Day mode, which introduced a free, hockey-based theme to the game. It's unclear whether the upcoming Basketball mode will also cost nothing, but it'unlikely that the developer will charge players for it.

Despite being released last July, Rocket League recorded its highest number of daily average players and peak players last month - and that's just on the PC. The game has also sold extremely well on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.