Bethesda wants to make sure you don't forget about Fallout 4 anytime soon. The publisher on Monday released an official trailer for Automatron, the first of three announced expansion packs set to arrive in 2016.

In Automatron, players turn their attention to the mysterious Mechanist, an entity that has released an army of evil robots into the Commonwealth. Gamers will be tasked with hunting down and taking out the robots including the devious Robobrain. The decommissioned bots can then be salvaged for parts, allowing players to mix and match various components to build their own custom robot companions.

Simply put, if you love robots and / or Fallout 4, you probably won't want to miss this DLC.

Automatron arrives on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on March 22 priced at $9.99. Those that purchased the season pass won't incur any additional fees although hopefully, you did so before March 1 as the price of the season pass shot up by $20 starting this month.

As a reminder, anyone that wants to help beta test Fallout 4's DLCs can sign up for early access over on Bethesda's website. Do note that you'll need a registered account to participate. Gamers that get approved for the beta will receive a code (presumably via e-mail) to join the fun.