Snapping photos is one of the best ways to remember a family vacation or a weekend getaway with your friends. Perhaps you shared a few images on social media with the intent of creating a proper album but simply never got around to organizing and selecting your favorites. The photos ultimately remain on your device and eventually, you forget about them.

Google wants to make sure those memories don't get lost in the clutter.

A new update to Google Photos seeks to remedy the situation by automatically curating the best photos and images and sorting them into an album for you. Google Photos will also add in maps that show how far you traveled and even pins to highlight places you stopped. Users can of course customize what goes into an album (add or delete a map, for example) and add additional photos that might not have made the automated cut.

Naturally, you'll be able to add in captions and even enable collaboration so others from the trip can add their images to the bunch.

The search giant unveiled Google Photos at last year's I/O conference alongside Android Marshmallow. The service relies heavily on machine learning and intelligence, allowing it to automatically sort images by days, months and years in addition to being able to sort by people, places and things.

Google says the new album experience is rolling out as we speak on Android, iOS and the web.