With Doom's multiplayer beta set to kick off in less than a week, Bethesda and id Software have fed fans a steady dose of teaser trailers - a trend that continues with this quick look at some of the demons, power weapons and power-ups that'll make up the reboot.

One thing that's notable about the new game is that for the first time ever, players will be able to become one of four demons including the Baron of Hell and Prowler to hunt down and mangle human foes in multiplayer. The trailer also teases a few of the new power-ups including invisibility and quad damage (both of which are self-explanatory) as well as weapons like the chainsaw, gauss cannon and everyone's favorite, the BFG.

The more I see this game in action, the more compelled I am to give it a try. How about you?

Doom arrives on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 13 priced at $59.99 (there's also a collector's edition that'll command $119.99).

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