Notifications from your Android phone will soon appear on your Windows 10 PC, thanks to a new feature, announced at Build 2016, that Microsoft is planning to bring to both platforms in the near future.

Getting notifications to appear in Windows 10's notification center will be possible through Microsoft's Cortana app for Android. When users have the app installed on their phone, Cortana will essentially store any notifications received in the cloud, which can then be sent through to any associated Windows 10 devices.

You'll be able to do more than just view notifications too: the feature will allow users to reply to notifications from within Windows 10, as well as dismiss those deemed unnecessary.

This functionality will also understandably be available for those with Windows 10 Mobile devices, but it will no longer be exclusive to Microsoft's mobile platform. Where you won't see this feature supported is iOS, as Microsoft simply lacks deep access to iOS notifications thanks to Apple's restrictions.

Microsoft only stated that this feature will be available in a "future version" of Windows 10, but it seems likely that it will be part of the OS's Anniversary Update. You'd assume that Microsoft will also need to update their Cortana app on Android.