There has been a lot of news coming from Facebook’s F8 developer conference. In addition to the company revealing its new focus on bots, VR, and Live Video, it has also launched the Facebook Profile Expression Kit, a tool that will let people turn the videos they create in third-party apps into their FB profile pictures.

The launch partners for the new kit include the iOS versions of Vine, Cinemagraph Pro, Instagram’s Boomerang, Lollicam, BeautyPlus, and MSQRD. The feature will be rolling out to the Android versions of the applications over the coming weeks.

Every time someone uploads a profile video created by one of the apps, an update will appear within the News Feed with an attribution link to the developer, according to the Facebook blog post.

Facebook introduced the ability to set a seven-second video as a profile photo last year, and it hopes the Profile Expression Kit will encourage more users to pick videos over still images. The apps will also allow users to put their own spin on the videos by adding edits such as animations.

“Profiles are the version of you you choose to curate and put out into the world,” said Facebook product marketing manager Ryan Houx. “Videos are big on Facebook, and we want to give people a way to express themselves in a fun way. This lowers barriers for creative expression.”

Profile videos created using the selected apps can be either permanent or set as a temporary fixture using the timer feature Facebook has added. On certain integrated apps that don’t autoplay videos, such as Spotify, users will be able to choose a thumbnail of their profile video.

Facebook is hoping that more people using these apps to create profile videos will lead to an increase in overall engagement on the platform while taking advantage of the mobile video trend.