After releasing the first new Doom map in more than 20 years, id Software co-founder John Romero is now focused on creating the first game from his new studio Night Work Games.

Returning to his first-person shooter roots, Romero describes Blackroom as a return to fast, violent and masterful play on the PC. Set in a holographic simulation gone rogue, the game will offer both a single-player campaign and a variety of multiplayer modes spanning Victorian mansions to Wild West ghost towns.

In single-player mode, you'll assume the role of Dr. Santiago Sonora, chief engineer at technology company Hoxar. You'll be tasked with stepping into the Blackroom, a holographic world that's indistinguishable from the real world, and determining why the simulations are being twisted and warped into each other.

Romero says users can create their own maps and run their own dedicated servers with the PC version being fully moddable.

American hard rock guitarist George Lynch will compose the soundtrack.

As is becoming increasingly more common in the world of game development, Romero is turning to the crowdfunding community to help make Blackroom a reality.

In collaboration with fellow id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack (no relation to John Carmack), Romero is seeking $700,000 on Kickstarter. A pledge of just $29 guarantees you a digital copy of the game with reward tiers scaling all the way up to $10,000 which affords the opportunity to attend the game's launch party and help design some game elements.

Blackroom is expected to ship in December 2018.