SATA (Serial ATA), parallel ATA, SCSI, and FC (Fibre Channel) - what's missing? Why serial SCSI, of course!

Expected to begin shipping in 2004, SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) will offer interesting features, such as smaller cables and connectors, and full duplex connections, addressing thousands of devices per port and an initial transfer rate of 3Gbps.

Furthermore, the smaller connectors will allow for dual-ported SAS drives, reducing the risk of a failing controller and extending the compact 2.5-inch format to enterprise-class drives, with obvious benefits in space and power requirements. As does SATA, SAS will have point-to-point connections; but by using expanders — essentially, fan-out devices — the new protocol makes it possible to address multiple devices from a single port.

SCSI as versitile as USB! I love it already!

And what is more, could the days of parallel in general be numbered? What else could happen? Just think. Hard drives could shrink to smaller sizes and you will be able to have hundreds of them inside servers... even finally in workstations. Every PC will have RAID and because of built in redundancy, hard drive failure will no longer mean the data loss it does now.

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