The majority of 360-degree cameras we've seen thus far that are designed to capture footage for the virtual world are professional grade and thus, not meant for the average consumer.

HumanEyes Technologies is aiming to change that with Vuze, a 3D 360-degree camera that promises quality recording without breaking the bank.

The Vuze features eight full HD cameras - two on each side, each with a 120-degree horizontal / 180-degree vertical field of view. With everything working in tandem, the camera is cable to capture stereoscopic 360-degree views at up to 4K resolution @ 30 frames per second.

The camera is remotely controlled via an app for Android and iOS devices.

According to The Verge, the post-production software will be capable of near real-time processing meaning it would take about a minute to process a minute-long clip. The company has some sample footage up on its YouTube page and as you can see, they haven't yet nailed the stitching of videos together but it's something they say they're working on.

HumanEyes Technologies is now accepting pre-orders for its camera. For $799, you'll get the company's full virtual reality kit which includes the camera itself, a VR headset, a mini tripod and Vuze Studio, its automated VR production and editing software. That may seem like a lot of money but it's far cheaper than professional rigs like the GoPro Odyssey that commands $15,000.