In the mid-90s, Nintendo, Sega and Sony were locked in a heated battle for video game supremacy - at least, in North America. This was well before the Internet enabled public beta testing which meant game developers and publishers like Sega had to do all of their own testing.

Getting paid to play video games for a living in the mid-90s sounds like a dream job for many, but as this Sega Test "trainumentary" highlights, it's not quite as glamorous as you'd think. Don't believe me? How do 100-hour, caffeine-fueled work weeks sound?

This 30-minute nostalgic gem has it all - '90s hair, rad clothing, food trucks, smoke breaks and a sweet soundtrack (thanks, Pearl Jam). If you long for yesteryear, you'll no doubt love it... unless of course, you were a Nintendo gameplay counselor.

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