Is Rocket League on its way to becoming the next Minecraft? It's far too early to know for sure but one thing is for certain: it's off to a smashing good start.

Developer Psyonix recently revealed that it has already sold five million copies of the game, generating more than $110 million in revenue in the process. That's up from four million copies sold and $70 million in revenue in December 2015. What's more, Psyonix has sold more than five million DLC units across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Speaking with Forbes, Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham said their numbers are actually going up, not down, which is not very common for a game that's 10 months old. In fact, Rocket League had more than five million active players as of last month.

Less than a year old at this point, Rocket League debuted as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game was downloaded roughly six million times as a freebie before Psyonix even started charging for it.

Dunham said that Steam accounts for 36 percent of Rocket League's active player base with Xbox One coming in at third place with 22 percent of the pie. That's impressive considering the game didn't find its way to Microsoft's console until February of this year. The remaining 42 percent of active gamers play via PS4.

These days, however, PC is the top-selling platform with the most engaged audience.