In the battle of the big virtual reality headsets, the Vive is still slightly ahead of Oculus, thanks partly to the former's excellent controllers. Right now, the Rift still relies on a Xbox One gamepad, its own Oculus Touch controllers having been delayed until the second half of this year.

Despite the devices not being available yet, Oculus has announced that when they do ship, there will be over 30 VR games that have full Touch support, 20 of which will be designed specifically for the new controllers.

The launch titles include Rock Band VR, which Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey announced at the Game Awards last year, Giant Cop, VR Sports Challenge, and Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. There will also be some current Rift games receiving Touch support, such as Crytek's The Climb.

One of the best-looking Touch-enabled games - set for release in 2017 - is the psychological noir thriller Wilson's Heart from Oculus Studios and Twisted Pixel. The game features an all-star cast - Peter Weller, Rosario Dawson, and Alfred Molina - and lets players use the Touch controllers to interact with the environment.

Other Touch titles include Killing Floor: Incursion, a spin-off from the popular first-person shooter that looks like it will be brilliantly terrifying in virtual reality, and two games that take inspiration from Tron's famous disc battles: Project Arena and Ripcoil.

We still don't know the exact date that the Touch controllers will launch or how much they'll cost, but expect to hear more over the coming months.