Apple's base model for the next-generation iPhone might finally come with 32GB of storage, according to the Wall Street Journal. The move would end the annoying practice of making you choose between an expensive phone with not enough storage, or ponying up for an overpriced upgrade to get more storage than you probably need.

The report cites "a person familiar with the matter" and doesn't detail what the rest of the lineup would look like storage-wise – only that the 16GB model is gone. Although 32GB/64GB/128GB seems reasonable there are some rumors suggesting the iPhone 7 Plus will be available in 32GB/128GB/256GB capacities instead like the iPad Pro.

Apple ditched the 32GB capacity model back in 2014 with the iPhone 6 and offered 64GB in its place. But while the company would like you to see it as getting twice as much storage for the same $750, it was mostly seen as an upsell tactic to make you spend the extra $100. After all, the size of apps and media has made 16GB increasingly impractical.

The report also goes through a few other rumors for the next iPhone, which apparently won't see a major redesign like we are used to see every other year after an 's' upgrade. Other possible new features include Apple ditching the headphone jack, a larger camera module, and a dual camera sensor on the larger iPhone 7 Plus. We'll know for sure come September.