Twitter users rejoice! You can now post exceedingly large GIFs to the social media platform, as Twitter has upped their GIF file size limit from 5 MB to 15 MB. The new limit should cover the vast majority of GIFs that a person would want to use on Twitter, whereas the old 5 MB limit was a bit restrictive.

In typical Twitter fashion, the new 15 MB limit has only been rolled out on the web client. Those using TweetDeck are stuck with the 5 MB limit, as are those using mobile apps. It should also be noted that the existing 5 MB limit for non-GIF images remains in place across the board.

Mobile users should be wary of this file size increase, as larger GIFs could consume more mobile data. If you have a limited amount of data in your mobile plan, it might be wise to turn off video autoplay in the Twitter app settings.

Upping the GIF file size limit is another step by Twitter to remove the restrictions on their platform. Last month, Twitter gave users the ability to retweet their own tweets and upped the video length limit from 30 seconds to 140 seconds. The service is also expected to remove images and links from the character count in the near future.