For gamers of a certain age, the annelid-murdering, artillery-launching, turn-based strategy series Worms holds a special place in the heart. With over 20 main entries in the series, the franchise has been found on virtually every platform available across the last two decades, from the Amiga to the Dreamcast to the PlayStation 4.

On August 23, developer Team 17 will release the latest Worms game - Worms WMD - and while the tried and tested 2D gameplay mechanics remain, there are some new additions, such as the ability to hide in buildings, use mounted guns, and travel around in vehicles.

Best of all, Team 17 is giving Worms fans an incentive to preorder WMD; the All-Stars pre-order edition brings with it a host of guest stars from the video game world.

In addition to the all-new tank, the All-Stars pack lets players destroy fellow worms with Rocket League's Octane Battle-Car. You can also stick the masks from Payday 2 over your worms' faces, fire the Dubstep gun from Saints Row IV, and, thanks to the Goat Simulator crossover, use the Goat-on-a-Rope weapon.

Other special appearances include the Turkey Bomb and Liberty Strike from the excellent Broforce, the Yooka-Laylee seven mask set, and minions weapons and masks from Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

There will also be items from The Escapists and Unchained, as well as some classic Worms weapons, masks and missions. The Xbox One version comes with the exclusive Rare All-stars, which adds Perfect Dark's Joanna Dark and masks from the likes of Killer Instinct and Battletoads.

For Steam users, a full Team Fortress 2 pack will be the early order reward. Goodies include the sentry gun and a nine mask set (Pyro, Demoman, Medic, Spy, Soldier, Scout, Sniper, Heavy, Engineer) .

The Steam pre-orders start today at 10am PT, and will cost $29.99.