A little over a year ago, the retro gaming community was treated to the discovery of an ultra-rare Nintendo PlayStation. The unreleased machine, the result of a partnership between Nintendo and Sony that unfortunately went sour, was proven to be legitimate a few months later although the optical disc drive wasn't functional.

That didn't stop the homebrew community from creating the first-ever game for the prototype - Super Boss Gaiden - but the mystery surrounding the optical drive remains as it would be amazing to see everything up and running as intended.

That's where console modder Ben Heck comes in. The owners of the prototype recently got in touch with Heck and arranged to have him conduct a teardown. At some point between late last year and now, something broke as the machine is no longer putting out a video signal or sound.

With any luck, Heck will be able to diagnose - and repair - both the SNES portion and the optical drive.

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