Update: Sony has said that the listing in question was meant for its PlayStation VR, not the Neo. A "poor choice of wording has led it to be misreported as Neo," the spokesperson said.

Sony confirmed last month that it is indeed working on a more powerful version of its PlayStation 4 console. Codenamed Neo, the device unfortunately didn't make an appearance at E3 which was a bit of a disappointment when you consider rumors point to a late-2016 release.

Most believe Sony will instead unveil the new console at the Tokyo Game Show in September but that's a discussion for another time.

Amazon's Spanish portal over the weekend certainly didn't help Sony's desire to keep the device's details a secret as a product page for the Neo briefly appeared online. The listing was promptly removed but not before news outlets scraped the pertinent details.

According to Entertainment.ie, the PlayStation Neo will debut on October 13 at a price of €399.99, or around $450 USD. At that price, one would hope the console comes with a VR headset as that's quite a bit of money for a barebones kit.

Late last week, a 42-page presentation for the PlayStation Neo made its way to the web. Although unconfirmed, the document appears to be the source of multiple earlier leaks that detailed target specs and that sort of thing.

The presentation also noted that games released from October 2016 should support both the current PS4 and the PS4 Neo, a date that lines up perfectly with the leaked Amazon launch date.