Final Fantasy developer Square Enix has revealed a new game that it's working on exclusively for the Apple Watch. The RPG is called Cosmos Ring and, well, that's about all we know for sure at this hour.

Square Enix's official landing page for the game reveals just a single image of the game running on Apple's smartwatch and the fact that it'll be an RPG.

Based on a handful of other screenshots, the game appears to use the watch's motion sensing capabilities to track steps although how that'll be integrated into the game remains a mystery. There's also a counter for "days" which suggests we could be looking at a real-time game and as Mashable notes, a series of dots at the bottom of the screen could indicate that there are multiple screens to swipe to.

Given its name, it's possible that the game could somehow tie in with the Chaos Rings franchise although that's pure speculation at this point.

Designing a game for a smartwatch, especially a standalone offering that doesn't require the use of a paired iPhone, is no easy feat. In addition to the small screen, developers have to come to terms with the fact that the watch's processor isn't all that powerful and there isn't much RAM to work with. Plus, at least in the case of this game, you're limiting yourself to a single platform that doesn't have a very large install base and whose outlook for the future isn't all that great.