This week Speedtest released a new report on the state of fixed and mobile broadband speeds across the U.S. The data for the first six months of 2016 showed an annual 40% increase in fixed broadband performance and a 30% increase in mobile internet performance, and while that's certainly good news, Speedtest notes that on average speeds in the U.S. are still much slower than what many other countries receive.

We've asked this one before but given two years have passed since then it's a good time to check up how things have changed: So how fast is your internet connection?

We recently got on a 200 Mbps FTTH plan for TechSpot's office in Ecuador, while at home I'm getting 100 Mbps – also on a speedy fiber to the home link (or fiber to the premises). On my phone I just ran a quick test and I'm getting 34 Mbps with Movistar which is better than I was expecting. Share yours in the comments.