Here in Australia, our internet infrastructure isn't fantastic, with most premises relying on ADSL2+ connections that are physically capped at 24 Mbit/s and limited by the distance you are from the local exchange. Many people are stuck with relatively slow household internet speeds, such as myself with a mediocre 6 Mbit/s down through my ADSL2+ connection.

With that said, some houses are blessed with either cable (HFC) internet connections or ultra-fast fibre to the premises (FttP), the latter of which our government is slowly rolling out to large sections of the population as a major infrastructure project called the National Broadband Network. Those who are in the outback aren't so lucky, having to rely solely on mobile internet or even satellite connections.

So how fast is your home internet connection? Are you lucky enough to get 100 Mbit/s through cable or fibre, or are you stuck in the slow lane? And how does it compare to what you said four years ago? Let us know in the comments below.