Gamescom opens up to the press and industry personnel tomorrow. When it's not teasing people with false promises of Half-Life 3, the convention is the best place to be for upcoming trailers and gameplay demos.

As is always the case, some of these videos arrive before Gamescom begins. Yesterday we saw the awesome trailer for Battlefield 1, and today has brought another new clip for Mafia III, this one titled 'The Heist.'

The trailer shows the events leading up to protagonist Lincoln Clay and the black mob's betrayal. It may look similar to GTA, but Mafia III's creative director Haden Blackman says the game is no clone. "Everything you're doing in the open world is driving you forward. Lincoln doesn't go off fishing or something --- everything furthers his goal," he told The Verge.

Despite receiving mixed reviews when it was released in 2014, Lords of the Fallen went on to sell almost 1 million copies in less than a year. Developer Deck 13 has a new hardcore action-RPG in the works, but rather than being swords and medieval fantasy, The Surge is set in a dystopian near future. It looks like Dark Souls mixed with System Shock and Matt Damon's Elysium. Check out the fifteen-minute demo below.

Dead Rising 4 was officially unveiled at this year's E3, and now we get to see some more gameplay footage of the survival horror beat 'em up. Like the other titles in the franchise, there's a slew of different weapons available for dispatching the undead, including fireworks, a flaming sword, and a very cool-looking mech suit.