[COLOR=royalblue]A release from motherboard company Abit has made the strange claim that security technology on its motherboard will "keep the RIAA away from your Kazaa files"[/COLOR]

The advance of motherboard integrated, hardware based encryption was inevitable in these times, really. Right now, with RIAA this that and the next thing going on, it was only a matter of time before mobo companies decided it was time to sell you the idea of hardware integrated security.

And so, enter Secure IDE, which "[COLOR=royalblue]has a special decoder without a special key, and that means hard drives can "never be opened by anyone".[/COLOR] Nothing particularly bold about that, but there is something rather bold in Abit's rather confident (and actually rather strange) claim of:

[COLOR=royalblue]Secure IDE technology will "keep government supercomputers busy for weeks".[/COLOR]

A testimony, if ever one was needed, that untechnical people should not necessarily be in charge of the marketting claims made of technical products. Somehow, I don't think your home PC is going to pick a fight with anything from here, and certainly not anything from here. But hey, it's a fun step in the right direction, and it may (like integrated IDE RAID) wind up becoming something of a standard on motherboards aimed at power users.

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