All Access, the subscription-based video streaming service from CBS, can now be enjoyed sans advertisements... if you're willing to pay a premium, that is.

CBS, if you recall, launched its All Access standalone subscription offering back in October 2014. The service debuted at $5.99 per month which of course, included advertisements. The new tier eliminates all commercials although you'll have to pay an extra four bucks for the luxury, bringing the total cost of the service up to $9.99.

CBS Interactive president and COO Marc DeBevoise said the addition of a commercial-free plan gives subscribers even more ways to customize their viewing experience.

The network is following in the footsteps of Hulu, the video streaming service that was heavily criticized for showing ads to paying customers. To quell the dissension, Hulu added a premium tier almost a year ago that removes ads for... you guessed it, an additional four bucks a month.

Dropping $10 per month to stream content from a single network may be a tough pill for some to swallow, especially one that broadcasts its content over-the-air free of charge. To sweeten the pot, it was revealed earlier this year that CBS would be airing its upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series on All Access (and on Netflix a day later for international audiences).