Sony is hosting a media event tomorrow (September 7) in which the company is expected to showcase two new versions of its popular PlayStation 4 console. In addition to the more powerful PlayStation Neo which Sony has already confirmed does exist, most believe we'll also see a slimmed-down variant of the original PS4.

Despite Sony's best efforts to keep the PS4 Slim a secret, it would seem that the console is very much real. In fact, YouTube user Links-Tech has already acquired and published a 20-minute-long teardown video ahead of tomorrow's big reveal. Unfortunately, there's no commentary to go along with the teardown but beggars can't be choosers.

Your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not Sony's legal department will try to have the video taken down although given the proximity to tomorrow's unveiling, I suspect they may not even bother trying to mask it.

Microsoft, if you recall, revealed a slim version of its Xbox One console back in June at E3 before bringing it to market last month. Like Sony, Microsoft confirmed that a more powerful Xbox One console (codenamed Project Scorpio) is in development although it won't arrive until the 2017 holiday season.

It's unclear if Sony plans to launch Neo in the near future or if we'll simply get a teaser to hold us over until sometime next year. With its PlayStation VR headset set to arrive on October 13, my guess would be that we'll see it go on sale in the coming weeks.