The first surprise coming from Apple's iPhone 7 event is the arrival of Mario to the iPhone and iPad. Nintendo has long been criticized for not leveraging its strong franchises in mobile gaming platforms. Pokémon Go which was only indirectly related to Nintendo's own efforts was a massive overnight success, but now with Mario on board we know they are very serious about this.

Super Mario Run will be coming in the form of a portrait-style and one-handed gaming experience. Watching the gameplay preview above, it certainly reminds us of Temple Run (Mario never stops running) but on the traditional side-scrolling format. I won't doubt Nintendo's ability to create killer gameplay experiences, but at first glance this looks overly simplified.

Mario Run is "coming soon" before the holidays, possibly early December for an undisclosed price. Our friends at Kotaku also heard the game is coming to Android devices, but that will be later.

Super Mario Bros. creator and video game legend Shigeru Miyamoto on stage to make the announcement

Official game description taken from the iTunes Store above.