Intel last year said in a job posting that it was looking for a CPU architect / researcher to spearhead the company's research and development of processor cores and graphics processors to be built on its 7nm manufacturing process.

The post, first spotted by Ashraf Eassa from, said the products in question would arrive in the "2020 and beyond" timeframe. Eassa recently noticed, however, that Intel has published a revised version of the job listing that suggests Intel may be looking to milk its upcoming 10nm process longer than most initially expected.

In the updated listing, Intel says it is looking for someone to spearhead the research and advanced development of microprocessor cores in the 2022 and beyond timeframe. The microarchitecture and design of these advanced CPUs, the company says, will be aggressively co-optimized with Intel's sub-10nm technology nodes deep into the next decade.

On the surface, it indeed sounds like Intel may be pushing its 7nm chips out by a couple of years, from 2020 to 2022. As Eassa notes, it's possible that Intel could instead be talking about 5nm technology in the new listing versus the 7nm it explicitly referenced in the original posting.

If that were the case, it seems unlikely that Intel would use the phrase "sub-10nm technology nodes" rather than something more fitting like "sub-7nm technology nodes."