Considering picking up new coding skills? How about learning several for a price you choose? With the Pay What You Want: Web Hacker Bundle, you can master several in-demand coding languages all for a price you choose.

This course collection will teach you the fundamentals of coding with tools like Django, Ruby on Rails and Python. You'll design professional websites using HTML and CSS, and you'll discover how to build essential website features like shopping carts, image carousels, and more.

Here is the list of courses in your bundle:

  • Learn Web Programming in Django & Python
  • Learn Bootstrap Development by Building 10 Projects
  • Projects in JavaScript & JQuery
  • Projects in PHP & MySQL
  • Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects
  • Learn Docker from Scratch
  • Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch

How 'Pay What You Want' works: name your price and you'll get access to the last two of the seven courses. If you want access to all seven, just beat the average price which is currently about $16.