The Galaxy Note 7 saga is proving to be one of the worst episodes in Samsung's history. Despite asking people to return the defective devices, reports of exploding Notes have been arriving thick and fast. One of the most shocking cases was that of a six-year-old boy, whose handset "burst into flames" as he used it. But while the smartphone in question was a Galaxy, it turns out that it wasn't a Note 7.

The original New York Post story claimed the boy was watching videos on his grandfather's Note 7 when it ignited, resulting in a trip to the Downstate Medical Center. The fact that a child had been injured caused more damage to Samsung's already bruised reputation.

It seems, however, it wasn't a Note 7 that caught fire, but a Galaxy Core Prime. NBC New York identified the device, which was released back in 2014 and has a removable battery. The reason why it exploded hasn't yet been determined, but the whole situation doesn't appear in any way related to the Note 7 issue.

As noted by Android Central, it hasn't been confirmed that the Core Prime was using the original battery provided by Samsung, and it could have contained an unreliable third-party battery bought from a local cart or store.

It's been an unpleasant incident for all involved, but Samsung will probably feel some relief that it wasn't yet another Note 7 going up in flames. But it still has to deal with other cases, such as the damaged hotel room and burned-out Jeep Grand Cherokee, which have been blamed on the company's defective phone.