Samsung's recall of the Galaxy Note 7 is ongoing with about a million devices expected to be exchanged or reimbursed to consumers. Only Galaxy Note 7 handsets sold in the U.S. prior to September 15, 2016 are being recalled due to a lithium-ion battery that can overheat and catch fire, but how to identify them?

To determine if your Note 7 has been recalled, locate the IMEI or serial number of your device and use Samsung's safety recall website to check if your device should be exchanged. You can find your phone's IMEI: (1) on the back of the device, (2) by going to Apps > Settings > About Phone or General Management > Status > IMEI information / Serial number, or (3) by dialing *#06# into the phone app.

A software update is also introducing an easy way to identify safe phones by displaying a Green battery icon which is visible on the status bar, the always-on display screen, and the Power Off prompt screen as shown below:

If you intend to buy a new Galaxy Note 7, a square symbol on the label of the packaging box will signify that this phone is trouble-free as well:

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who is working with Samsung on the recall, recommends owners of the Note 7 to immediately stop using and power down phones that haven't yet been cleared as safe.

Those impacted by the recall can choose to receive a replacement Galaxy Note 7 with a different battery by September 21, a complete refund, or a replacement device - a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge - with a refund for the price difference. Customers who exchange a Note 7 for another Samsung product will also receive a $25 gift card or in-store credit from select carrier or retail outlets. If you need further assistance or bought the phone directly from they are offering a direct support line at 844-365-6197.

Once the dust settles from what's been a widely reported and arguably well managed recall of Samsung's flagship big smartphone, it will be interesting to see if sales of the Note and other Samsung models are impacted in significant quantities. During the weekend we hosted a discussion on the matter where you voiced your opinions.