More proof that humanity as a species may be doomed: a prank YouTube video claiming to show how drilling into an iPhone 7 will reveal its hidden 3.5mm headphone jack has apparently been fooling owners of Apple's latest handset.

The viral clip, which comes from TechRax, has already gained close to 10 million viewers. According to the many comments beneath the video, a few people didn't realized this is all a joke and have attempted the "secret hack," which will ruin the waterproofing at best or destroy the phone at worst.

A lot of the comments that claim to have used the drill method are obviously fake and just joking about it themselves, but there are doubtlessly some who have actually given it a try - only to instantly regret it.

Ukrainian YouTuber Taras Maksimuk, who is based in Sacramento, California, produced the video. Looking at the titles of his other clips - "can the iPhone 7 survive in liquid nitrogen for five minutes?" and "What Happens If You Microwave an iPhone 7?" - shows how he "specializes in smashing technology for your pleasure."

In the video, once the hole is drilled, music can be heard coming from the iPhone, though this is obviously coming from the speakers. But the 87,000 downvotes suggest there are at least some iPhone 7s now with DIY holes in them.

From the Xbox One backward compatibility prank, to the iOS 7 update that waterproofs iPhones, to microwaving handsets as a way of extending their battery life, this isn't the first case of people pranking others into destroying tech, and it won't be the last.