The Razer DeathAdder is consistently mentioned by reviewers and gamers alike as one of the top gaming mice around --- in fact, it was the best overall pick in our Best Mice of 2015 guide. Today the venerable rodent is getting a new iteration, keeping the same comfortable and ergonomic design that we know and love, but with some under the hood improvements.

The DeathAdder Elite introduces an all-new "5G Optical Sensor" that's capable of tracking up to 16,000 dots per inch (DPI) at 450 inches per second (IPS) and supports 50G acceleration. As impressive as that may sound, gamers will rarely ever use a mouse at its peak sensitivity, so what really matters is tracking accuracy. Well, Razer claims the DeathAdder Elite has the highest resolution accuracy ever recorded in a gaming mouse at 99.4%.

Razer also co-designed and produced new mechanical switches with Omron for the Elite. According to the company, they are optimized for the fastest response times, and more importantly, come with an increased durability rating of 50 million clicks.

As great as the DeathAdder line is, there have been multiple reports of units that suffer from a defective left click button which starts erratically registering clicks after just a few months of use. I was able to experience this first hand with a DeathAdder Chroma, and truth be told, it's a consideration we'll keep in mind when time comes for an update to our mice guide, but hopefully the new Omron switches make this a thing of the past.

Finally, Razer has also included an improved tactile scroll wheel design, and the DeathAdder Elite mouse now has DPI buttons for quick sensitivity switching while gaming.

The overall design hasn't changed and that's a good thing, with rubber side grips and a matte black plastic body. It also keeps the Razer Chroma RGB LED lighting system.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is available for preorder through Razer's store as of today for the same $69.99 list price the Chroma launched at. It's slated to start shipping sometime next month with retail availability at Best Buy on October 2.