Amid all the furor over the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it’s worth remembering that many reviewers called the handset “the best Android smartphone ever,” when it first launched. Some owners love the Note 7 so much, they’re refusing to stop using it – even though there’s a chance it could burst into flames.

Yesterday brought the news that Samsung had finally decided to halt production and sales of the Note 7 permanently. The company advised everyone still using one to power down the handset and return it immediately.

But, as reported by CNET, consumers' loyalty to a brand can be blinding - in this case, that could mean literally. After Samsung requested that users return the smartphones, several people tweeted that they would be keeping theirs, despite the dangers.

One user, Queens resident Robinson Suarez, said he would only switch his Note 7 for a different model if he felt it was getting too hot. He’s using one of the replacement Notes, which have also been catching fire, but says he only swapped his original to get a brand new handset, not because he was worried it might explode.

"All my friends, they make fun of me, they throw memes at me on Facebook," Suarez said. "It is what it is; I'm not worried."

Samsung has now started sending out the Note 7 return kits to owners. The company isn’t taking any chances with the phones; the kits contain a static shielding bag, three boxes, and a pair of gloves.

First, the Note 7 is enclosed in the shielding bag. The bag is put inside the smallest box, which is placed inside a slightly larger box, and this is dropped into the outermost box that’s lined with ceramic fiber paper for withstanding extreme heat.

The gloves are to protect people’s hands from the ceramic fiber lining, which can cause irritation. The outer box, meanwhile, specifies that the pack is “forbidden” from being transported by aircraft, unsurprisingly.

Check out XDA Developers' YouTube video for a closer look at the Note 7 return kit.