Fans of Microsoft's Band were disappointed to learn earlier this month that the company had cancelled its line of fitness wearables, with retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon ending sales after existing stock ran out.

Thanks to a report from Windows Central, fans are now seeing what could have been the future of the Microsoft Band. A forum user posted alleged images of the Microsoft Band 3, revealing a design largely unchanged from the Band 2 save for an improved and potentially more durable clasp.

The Band 3 still would have come with some handy inclusions. The poster claims that the wearable featured a waterproof design for the first time, allowing wearers to take the Band swimming. A corresponding tile on the display confirms the Band 3 had the ability to track swimming sessions in addition to basic running and cycling functionality.

An electrocardiogram for tracking blood pressure was also set to be included on the Band 3, along with RFID support. Considering the Band 2 already supported tracking heart rate, galvanic skin response, UV, and skin temperature - plus it had GPS - the Band 3 would have blown away most other wearables with its array of sensors.

Unfortunately it seems the Band 3 will never see the light of day. It's not just the hardware that was cancelled either: reports suggest the entire Band team has been disbanded, despite Microsoft's plans to continue developing software in the health space.