Raising kids in today's tech-infused society has arguably never been more of a struggle. While some will argue the merits of becoming acquainted with technology at a very early age, others are steadfast in their belief that there are far more valuable ways for impressionable children to spend their free time.

Reading, for example, has been shown to improve focus and concentration, reduce stress, expand one's vocabulary and sharpen writing skills, especially among youngsters. It's also the focus of Amazon's latest app which advocates reading with a modern twist.

Reading apps certainly aren't anything new but Amazon's new app, called Amazon Rapids, presents short stories across adventure, fantasy, mystery, humor, science fiction and sports categories in a unique chat-style format.

More specifically, stories are told through the lens of characters chatting with each other. Examples Amazon listed including a grandmother invading her granddaughter's group chat, an alien texting about invading Earth and two chickens debating on whether or not they should cross the street.

All content is said to be appropriate for kids ages 7-12 with hundreds of original, illustrated stories on tap. New stories will be added each month, we're told.

Parents interested in checking out the app can sign up for a two-week free trial. Should you decide to stick with the app, you'll be charged a flat rate of $2.99 (apparently an introductory rate) per month.