Most of us can get by just fine in an image editing program like Adobe Lightroom using only a mouse and keyboard. Those who edit by trade, however, will likely tell you that using such all-purpose tools can be impractical, ergonomically poor and time consuming.

Those are the issues Mikko Kesti ran into, thus prompting him to search for a more efficient tool for the job. After coming up empty-handed, Kesti assembled a five-person team and set about building the ultimate editing tool

The fruits of their labor is Loupedeck, a professional-grade editing tool currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Loupedeck is a physical photo editing console for Adobe Lightroom. Compatible with Apple and PC operating systems, it features an array of dials, buttons, knobs and scroll wheels, each of which controls a specific function in Lightroom. The console measures 15.7 inches wide with a depth of 6.1 inches and a height of 1.26 inches. It weighs approximately 2.2 pounds and should sit firmly at your workstation thanks to its rubber feet.

This seems to be part of a broader push as of late to redefine how we interact with PCs (other examples that immediately come to mind include Microsoft’s Surface Studio and Dell’s smart desk concept).

Loupedeck has already surpassed its €75,000 (around $83,300 USD) funding goal with a month still remaining in the campaign. A pledge of €299 (roughly $330) guarantees you’ll be among the first to receive the console when it ships in June 2017.