As companies look to get a handle on all their data, more are turning to Cloud computing for their storage needs. This means that Cloud computing experts are in hot demand, and you can join their ranks with the Cloud Computing 101 Bundle. This collection is designed to make you familiar with tools behind building and maintaining cloud infrastructures, and it's currently on sale for over 90% off.

The Cloud Computing 101 Bundle includes the following four courses:

  • Cloud Computing 101
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • MongoDB: The NoSQL Database for Cloud and Desktop Computing

In just 11 hours of training, this collection will show you how to manipulate, configure, and access Cloud computing applications online. Using tools like MongoDB, you'll learn how to make sense of unstructured data and organize it in databases that scale based on a company's storage needs. What's more, this collection will have you building your own project as you make your own blogging app.

For a limited time, TechSpot readers can get the Cloud Computing 101 Bundle on sale for only $25, highly marked down from its original $1,200 retail price.