Few games have been as groundbreaking for their time as id Software's smash hit Doom. Rapidly approaching its 25th anniversary, the iconic first-person shooter has refused to go quietly into the night with installments now available across a number of different platforms.

I'm not referring to the franchise in general but rather, the 1993 original.

Nostalgia-chasers and retro gamers alike have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort over the years to bring Doom to all sorts of wacky platforms. Printer? Check. Calculator? Yep. iPod? No problem. NES Classic? You bet.

Heck, you can even play other games inside of Doom... like No Man's Sky and yes, Doom itself.

The latest unlikely platform to gain support for Doom is Apple's new MacBook Pro... not the OS, mind you, but the Touch Bar that replaces the function keys across the top of the keyboard. With its ultra-wide resolution, the Touch Bar is without a doubt one of the least practical platforms for playing Doom but again, the fact that Facebook engineer Adam Bell was able to do it is what's important here.

As for the Touch Bar itself, the jury is still out on whether or not it'll fall into the category of useful feature or gimmick addition. I personally think it's the latter but I digress.

P.S. - If you're interested in tinkering around with the Touch Bar but don't have a new MacBook Pro, you can use this handy app to simulate the OLED strip on your screen.