Some hackers enjoy defacing property or stealing sensitive data to demonstrate security vulnerabilities. Others, like Michael Jordon from Context Information Security, would rather get their point across by playing video games.

The latter is exactly what Jordon showcased during his talk at 44CON, an annual Information Security Conference and Training event that recently took place in London. The target of his talk was the Canon PIXMA printer, a popular choice for homes and small businesses.

After discovering the printer had a web interface with no username and password protecting it, the device was at his mercy. Jordon then realized this interface could be used to initiate a firmware update. So he did what any ethical hacker would do to demonstrate a vulnerability - loaded a copy of Doom on it.

"If you can run Doom on a printer, you can do a lot more nasty things," Jordon said. "In a corporate environment, it would be a good place to be. Who suspects printers?"

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