It’s rare to see fierce competitors suddenly buddy up but that’s exactly what is taking place between pay-TV titans Comcast and Dish Network.

The two companies recently announced that Sling TV, Dish’s over-the-top Internet television service, is heading to Comcast’s X1 platform. The partnership initially seems out of left field considering the two compete for the same subscriber dollars but there is a solid explanation for the move.

Javier Garcia, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Multicultural Services for Comcast, said in a statement that their customers are becoming increasingly diverse. The deal with Sling TV will provide Comcast with the opportunity to deliver way more multicultural content compared to what’s currently available on the X1 platform.

Sling TV is best known for its many skinny bundles that can serve as a cost-efficient alternative to traditional cable and satellite TV offerings. The Sports Extra package, for example, adds nearly two dozen sports channels on top of the core Sling TV package for an additional $5 per month.

Sling TV covers most of the bases in terms of domestic offerings but what you may not know is that the service also plays host to a wealth of international programming – more than 320 multicultural networks across 21 languages, to be specific.

The duo said they’re currently working to add Sling TV to X1 and will provide additional details when content becomes available to customers.