Rockstar Games is going back to its roots by literally making "grand theft auto" the foundation of the next expansion for the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto Online.

Building on the supply chains introduced in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony this past June, Import/Export is all about stealing and dealing in high-end vehicles.

In lieu of the primitive smash-and-grab tactics typically associated with the franchise, Rockstar says it'll take talent, coordination and the tactical use of new special vehicles for CEOs and their organizations to successfully boost, modify and resell the most desirable vehicles for top dollar.

Players will also have access to new vehicle warehouses and massive executive office garages, some of which can accommodate up to 60 vehicles. These new spaces can even be decked out with custom décor, we're told.

Aside from a December release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as well as the handful of screenshots embedded above, not much else is known about the update as of writing. The publisher encourages fans to stay tuned for further details including a glimpse of the new special vehicles that'll accompany the expansion.