Instagram is one of the most popular platforms around for sharing photos and videos. Even with that being its core purpose, abuse and privacy issues persist. On Tuesday, the social network announced a new set of tools and options to deal with harassment – its third such move this quarter.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s co-founder and CEO, said they’ll soon be adding a way for users to disable comments on their posts – a feature that up to this point has only been available for a small number of accounts.

The social network previously rolled out the option to filter comments based on keywords but it was clear that more needed to be done. After all, comments are where the majority of conversations on Instagram happen and not all of them are kind or welcome.

Systrom said they’ll also be adding a feature that lets users “like” comments by tapping a heart icon beside a comment as a way to show support and encourage positivity.

Elsewhere, Instagram is also adding the ability for those with private accounts to remove followers after the fact. Up to this point, once someone with a private account approves a follower, the only way to undo that decision was to block them. The new method won’t notify the person that you have removed them as a follower.

Last but certainly not least, Systrom said users that believe someone they care about may be thinking of harming themselves can report it anonymously. Instagram will then reach out to that person and put them in contact with organizations that may be able to help.