Every new platform needs quality content in order to thrive and HTC wants to make sure there's enough to go around for the Vive headset. After spinning off its virtual reality team into a separate subsidiary earlier this year, the company is now getting into the content game with the launch of Vive Studios, a new development and publishing studio for virtual reality experiences.

Vive Studios will release games developed in-house and by third parties, starting with Arcade Saga by 2 Bears Studio --- an internal studio staffed by video game veterans from Microsoft, Rockstar Games and Amazon. The game consists of three games that are each based on arcade classics like "Breakout", taking advantage of the Vive room-scale VR as you move through the room and swing the Vive's controllers to hit bricks with a ball, shoot with bow and arrow and dodge enemy bullets.

There are 84 levels and a rather  elaborate backstory where you're playing as your computer's CPU in a battle "against the Overlords and their human Masters to break the firewalls, enslavement routines and killer viruses to escape the digital chains of slavery." Okay.

Arcade Saga is being released today for $29.99 on Steam and HTC's Viveport store. As for Vive Studios, they plan to launch titles in categories ranging from education to design, sports and things cinematic.