Twitter has made it easier than ever for its users to stream live video from an Android or iOS mobile device.

Starting today, Twitter users can tweet live video from within the Twitter app. To start a live broadcast, simply begin composing a tweet as usual then tap where it says "Live." That'll bring you to the pre-broadcast screen where you can frame your shot. When you're all set, tap "Go Live" to begin the live stream.

The social media platform says the feature is "powered" by Periscope, its standalone livestreaming app. If we're being real, let's just go ahead and say it - this is is likely the beginning of the end for Periscope as a standalone app. And really, why hadn't Twitter already integrated Periscope functionality directly into Twitter?

When broadcasting live through Twitter, anyone on Twitter and Periscope will be able to join the broadcast. Just like on Periscope, livestream viewers can tap their screen to send the broadcaster a heart (simply a way to show support) or post a comment as usual.

Live broadcasting through apps like Periscope and Meerkat seemed as though it might be the next big thing in mobile tech yet as The Verge highlights, they're looking more and more like fads.  

Twitter says the update enabling native livestreaming is rolling out to everyone on Android and iOS over the coming days.