Tesla has been working on enhancing its Autopilot self-driving feature and the latest update is meant to make its cars a little more conservative when it comes to speed limit. According to a report by Electrek, Tesla is forcing its cars to obey the exact speed limit when Autopilot is engaged specifically on undivided roads, instead of allowing them to exceed the posted limit by up to 5 mph as was previously the case. Drivers are still able to set any speed up to 90 mph on freeways and divided highways.

While driving with the flow of traffic is often safer than adhering to the limit, you can't fault Tesla for playing on the safe side, after all drivers can still disengage the Autosteer feature and drive manually.

In addition to throttling the speed limit, Tesla's updated system will send alerts, letting drivers know when they need to take the whee. It also includes some new features to help drivers find restaurants, retail outlets, and other shopping destinations near Supercharger stations. 

The company is constantly working on enhancing its Autopilot self-driving feature. A new Enhanced Autopilot system is expected to roll out soon, and it's expected to take advantage of new hardware that all new Tesla models built starting in October are equipped with. This includes eight surround cameras with 360-degree visibility, twelve ultrasonic sensors, forward-facing radar, and a new onboard computer.

The update will be a major step towards Tesla's eventual goal of full self-driving capability.