The NES Classic Edition is proving a runaway success for Nintendo. Many fans found they couldn’t get their hands on one of the consoles due to virtual and physical stores selling out within minutes. Earlier this month, it was revealed that almost 200,000 units had been sold in the US since the November release – almost as high as the number of Wii U consoles that shipped during a six-month period.

Nintendo admits that it underestimated demand for the NES Classic, but that’s a mistake the company is unlikely to make twice. Especially as a recent trademark filing suggests that the Japanese firm’s next retro release will be the SNES Classic Edition.

Go Nintendo reports that Twitter account @trademark_bot tweeted out a Super Famicom controller image that’s just been registered by Nintendo. As with all trademark registrations, there’s no guarantee this means a SNES Classic is in the works. However, the timing comes as the NES Classic continues to ride a wave of popularity, so the trademark may hint at the company’s plans for its next-generation of Classic Edition consoles.

If a SNES Classic Edition really is on the way, it’s unlikely to arrive anytime soon. With the Switch arriving in March, Nintendo won’t want to take its focus away from the handheld hybrid during its launch period. November 2017 would likely be the earliest release date for a SNES classic.

The trademark filing is Nintendo’s second within a few days. It was reported yesterday that the Japanese company had submitted a request to renew the trademark for classic GameCube title Eternal Darkness, suggesting it could be one of the games available on the Switch's rumored Virtual Console service.